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Senior Pet Care

Much like people, senior pets have special needs. As they get older, new problems arise. Many of these problems are present before they can be seen with the naked eye.
Some of the more common problems that we find in our senior patients include dental disease, thyroid problems, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, and cancer.
That is why we have developed a senior pet program. This includes a full physical exam, which will help us catch any abnormal sounds in the heart, any suspicious lumps, stiffness in the joints, and dental problems (such as tartar build up, inflamed gums, and broken or decaying teeth). Full blood work and urine analysis will be performed, which will help us rule out problems with organs, including kidney disease, thyroid disease, any infection or inflammation, heartworm disease, and, upon request, vaccination titers. A full body x-ray will help us visualize any abnormalities in the structure of your pet's organs, any lumps that may be present inside and joint degeneration. An EKG will give us a picture of your pet's heart function.

After diagnostics, further action will be determined, such as possibly changing your pet's diet, adding supplements, or starting medication. Depending on results, the doctor may recommend an ultrasound or a dental work-up.

We strongly advocate preventive medicine. We believe that routine diagnostics will lengthen and improve the quality of your senior pet's life.